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What Items should I have before bringing my puppy home?

*Food- We feed nutri source small/medium(small breeds) or large(large breeds) puppy food. We do send home a small bag so you can slowly transition to new food if you switch kinds.

*Food bowl and water bowl (one with wide base is best so it doesn't tip over)

* Crate (suggested: size you will need when full grown with divider to adjust as the puppy grows) best to use a crate when first taking them home when not able to watch them. Especially until they are potty trained and know their boundaries.

* Exercise pen

* Toys

   -soft toys (material toys to be used when supervised)

   -hard chew toys (nylabone, bones, kong)

   - play toys ( tugs, ball)

   -suggest a variety of taste, texture, noise and shapes

   -Puppies only need a few toys at a time

   -Change them out to keep them excited about chewing on them instead of your shoes/furniture.

*collar (ask us when it gets close to go home date to measure your puppy so you have the right size)


* Healthy treats

*ID tag

*Gentle puppy shampoo


*Soft washable bed

*Snuggle puppy(not required but sometimes helps with the transition away from its litter mates)

Why do I have to take my puppy to the vet within 3 days after going home?

We want to make sure the transition is going well and catch any potential concerns ASAP because going to a new home is stressful for a puppy. Your vet will also be able to confirm that your puppy is healthy and set up a shot protocol along with additional deworming they may need. The relationship with your vet is one we want you to have established before any potential emergency or problems arise so you have place to turn to if you need it.

How big will my puppy get?

Each puppy does vary but we do put the parents weights on our website to give you a size range. But it is hard to predict for sure as some puppies are smaller then their parents or pass them up.

Will my puppy shed?

German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Cavalier King Charles all are shedding breeds. The shorkie, shichon, shihpoo, cavachon and cavapoo are low to non-shedding breeds. It does vary from puppy to puppy how much they will shed depending how much of each parent genes they have.

2 Important things you can do for your puppy are?

1. Consistency 2. Love and affection

Do we Socialize the puppies?

Definitely! We start handling them from birth. We try to introduce them to as many different sounds, textures, people, toys, etc. as we safely can before going home. It is important to continue socializing your puppy when going home. Be careful as your puppy is not fully vaccinated yet but introduce as many new experiences and people as you safely can. The older they get with out introducing these things the harder it is to learn. 

Will my puppy get along with our current pets?

As long as your pets are good with other animals/dogs we do not see a problem with it. All introductions should be supervised and positive for both pets. Alot of praise and treats, no scolding or coaxing. If you are unsure we suggest playpen until they are used to each other.


Always be clear in the message you send to your puppy. When training use the same phrases so you dont confuse the message you are trying to teach them.

What kind of payments do we take?

For deposit we can do Venmo, Paypal, cash or Square(which is a credit card reader). There is a 2.9% fee to use a credit card. For final payment we do prefer cash but can do any of the other options.

Are male or female puppies better?

We dont find that either one is better then the other. It all varies from puppy to puppy. We usually just see it as which one people want before they meet the puppies not that one is better then the other. 

When are puppies ready to go home?

Large breeds are ready to go home at 8 weeks. Small breeds are ready to go home at 9 weeks. Occasionally we will keep a puppy longer to make sure they are taking off good on their dry food before leaving us.

What to do for tear stains?

If they have tear stains we say give it a few weeks in your home to see if they still have them as different environments can affect them differently.

Few things you can try are:

filtered water

stainless steel dishes

keep hair by eyes cut short

1 tbsp of nonflavored yogurt


What vaccinations and deworming will my puppy have when going home?

We give Dewormer at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks. We give 5way distemper/parvo at 5 weeks and 8 weeks(if still here at 12 weeks then also). Puppies are health checked at 7 weeks.

How do we reserve a puppy?

To reserve a puppy we require a $200 nonrefundable deposit to hold the puppy until it is ready to go home. We can do the deposit in person or by sending pictures/videos of the puppy and/or video calls. 

What do we send puppies home with?

*Folder with our information on front so you can contact us if needed and so you can update us on the puppy

*health certificate for our vet

*shot and deworming records

*small bag of the food we are feeding so if you switch to something else you can gradually transition them

* a can food (puppies are not eating this when they go home but we send it along because sometimes in a new environment they dont want to eat and this helps to entice them)

*measuring cup for the food

*bag of treats

*blanket with litter scent

*sheet with food instructions

*potty training tips

*bill of sale

*purchase agreement

*Most impotantly LOTS of Love 

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